In response to the global pandemic, we offer Covid-19 testing and technology
to open up the sport, hospitality and tourism industries…

Beluga Medical Solutions


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We supply top quality medical supplies to the private
and public sector as a result of the global COVID-19

Beluga Medical Supplies



Welcome to
Beluga Medical Solutions.

Leading edge Medical Solutions

Beluga Medical Solutions were born out of the critical shortage of PPE items and the dire need for top quality medical supplies to the private and public sector, as a result of the global pandemic of COVID-19.

As a level 2 BEE, medical equipment and consumables value-added distributor company, Beluga Medical Solutions is able to make use of global partners to deliver genuine imported and locally sourced high quality medical supplies, to address and service this urgent need, as quickly as possible and in budget.

In partnership with strategic worldwide market leading medical manufacturers, we continue under the Beluga brand to offer service excellence to both our customers and our suppliers and are driven to join humanity in this plight to save lives.

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